Serving A Special Glass For Wine Drinks

Having wine at home especially for people who like this type of drink, so it is normal to have wine storage temperature at home. When you eat at a restaurant, you can find wine as one of the drink choices on the menu list. You don’t need to be confused when you see the presentation of wine in different glasses. You have to know that wine has a special glass in its presentation even from each wine, this must have a different glass shape. Wine glasses are specially designed to produce a more delicious taste and aroma from each wine. This type of transparent wine glass consists of a drink container, stem, and glass leg. Each part has a different function. The container is a container for wine, a glass handle to handle with the fingers, and for the feet is useful when you want to put it on the table my link.

You also need to know that handling a glass turns out to have its own rules, namely that you should hold a wine glass, you don’t hold the part of the container because it is believed that it can drain the body warmth to the wine and severely it can damage the taste of the wine when drinking it. In the following, we give a little explanation about the types of glasses for wine. For red wine types, this has a glass that is round like a balloon, with a glass mouth that is smaller than the bottom.

Two types of glass are usually used for this type of red wine, namely burgundy glass which has a bubbling bottom, and Bordeaux glass which has a tall container. Most of them are indeed large and this is useful for smelling the strong aroma of red wine. Besides, for the wide lip of the glass, this will help the wine flow to touch the

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