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Great Tips to Sell Your House

This is a common practice when you put a home in your market or Cash For Home agent takes pictures of the interior and exterior of the house you are using in marketing your home to potential buyers to sell the house. While this can be a great way to show off the assets that own your home, it seems that for many people it’s also a great way to showcase the pile of junk and the 30-year-old decor that still exists in their homes from when they moved. Consider for a moment the difference between two comparably priced houses in the area that you are considering.

One of the houses has pictures showing a house that is clearly decorated in neutral colors. The rooms in this house have appropriate furnishings of each room; The dining room has tables and chairs, The bedroom has a bed and dressing table, the living room has a sofa, table, and chairs. The pictures show a house that is not decorated elaborately, but you can clearly see what the rooms look like. The second house you see in the picture has a wall of paper or a sponge painting a wall in most of the rooms, dirty carpets in his living room, partially eating boxes in many rooms, a battered bathroom, and piles over a pile of chaos on every horizontal surface. Many rooms are difficult to solve what they are for because of the odd assortment of items in them such as exercise equipment, desk, laundry, and lawnmower. Did I mention the pile of chaos everywhere?

Now, consider what a tough choice this is for potential buyers looking at these home pictures online. Chances are that potential buyers will pass home with horrible pictures of MLS in favor of clean and tidy homes, even if it’s not professionally staged for some reason: the pictures show the house looked taken care of, the pictures let the buyer know what part of the house looks like – not just their stuff, and the house does not look like it would take a huge amount of time and money to redecorate.