The Importance of Car Interior Care

Car maintenance from Royal1 Mobile Detailing is not only done on car exterior maintenance, but car interior maintenance must also be considered. Car interior and exterior maintenance are needed so that the car provides maximum benefits in its use. Not a few car owners prefer caring for their car exteriors to caring for the interior of their cars.

Clean The Inside Mirror
Car interior maintenance in this section is obligatory. The rearview mirror on the inside of the car at the top center has a function to help you see the rear area so you can make it easier for you to park or observe the situation while traveling. Just imagine if the rearview mirror is opaque due to handgrip marks or a lot of dust. Certainly, the function will not be perfect because the area we see in the mirror is not clearly visible.

Clean the AC Vents
The next car interior maintenance is to take care of the AC ventilation The AC component is a very important component when you want the air in the cabin to be cool. Dirt, bacteria, viruses, and dust can stick to the AC vents, so you must keep them clean. Friends can clean it using a soft duster first, then darken it using a damp chamois. If the car air conditioner is clean, then the air circulation in the car is also cleaner and of course healthier.

Clean Car Dashboard Parts
Maintenance of the car interior on the dashboard is very important. Friends who are driving will put a lot of equipment including food in this section. Now, if you are lazy to clean the surface of the car dashboard, you can risk disturbing your health through the food you eat while in the car. How to clean it is quite easy, first clean it using a duster to remove any dust on the surface. To remove all the remaining dust, you can wipe it down using a damp chamois and spray anti-bacteria.
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