This Drink Is Good For Burning Calories

Most of you may be hearing the name for the first time. It is not surprising, because this type of tea is still not widely sold in the world, let alone consumed by the people. If you look at the benefits provided, kombucha has many properties that can make the body healthier. This is because the nutritional content of this type of tea is very important for the body Kefir Grains. Then, what is kombucha tea like? Also, what content does it have and what are the benefits for the body?

In research conducted by Kaur & Singh in 2017, it was found that kombucha was classified as a drink that had high efficacy. This also opens up the potential for kombucha tea as a drink that can make the body healthier. Still discussing the properties of kombucha mixed with green tea, this drink also contains abundant antioxidants in it. It is widely understood that antioxidants in the body can be the main antidote for free radicals that can trigger the appearance of cancer cells. Not only that, many scientists believe that the intake of antioxidants from food or drink is more effective than that obtained from antioxidant supplements. So, so that the antioxidant content in the body is maintained and reduces the risk of cancer, it doesn’t hurt to drink kombucha tea.

Made through a fermentation process, one of the most important ingredients in kombucha tea is acetic acid. Substances that are also widely contained in vinegar are known to be effective in killing bad microorganisms that can endanger the health of the body. This content is also what makes kombucha tea strong anti-bacterial, especially in the function of candida and bacteria that cause infection. The anti-bacterial properties are also able to suppress the growth of bad fungi and bacteria in the body. Even so, kombucha tea does not affect the performance of good bacteria in the body, such as probiotics, so that they can continue to grow and have a good impact on health. So, consuming kombucha tea only reduces the number of bad bacteria in the body and keeps the good bacteria for health.

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