This Is A Complete Tutorial On How To Make Coasters From Old Newspapers

Now, this time I will give you one type of reuse of used newspapers that you can try yourself at home. The type of craft that we will make this time is beverage coasters. If the results you make are good, they are usually sold easily.

To make it is not difficult and can be done in a short time.

You will definitely need these materials and tools:

There are several tools and wok that you must prepare to make them, here is the list …
Old Newspaper
Scissors / Cutter

To make one coaster you don’t need a lot of newspapers, but it depends on you too. If you want to make a lot, you have to prepare lots of newspapers.

The glue you can use white paper glue, burn glue can too. Or if you want to dry quickly and be stronger, you can use Korean glue.

Manufacturing Steps

After all the tools and materials have been prepared, they go to the manufacturing process.

Make Small Rolls Of Newsprint

First, you take a sheet of newspaper and cut it into four equal pieces.

After you get four pieces of newspaper, you take one piece and then also take the stick that you have prepared. This stick is used as a tool for making rolls.

After it becomes a small and long roll then you pull out the stick from the roll, don’t forget to glue it at the end of the roll so it doesn’t come off.

Make several rolls or rolls and then roll the rolls with your hands. Flatten for easy on the next process.

Start the Tray Making Process

The roll that you make is a semi-finished material, now the next step is the process of turning semi-finished goods into finished goods.

Take one roll then make a circle by rotating it, one roll usually will not be a coaster. So when one roll is up you take another roll and then continue rotating it so that it becomes the size you want.

Don’t forget to glue it at the end of the loop, you can also glue it all over so that the coaster is really strong. To make it more interesting you can color with paint

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